Making Use of Playlists to Promote YouTube Videos

Recover a deleted YouTube video

Once a user has deleted a video from YouTube, then it can not be recovered. The only option is to re-upload it. The previous view count and comments will be lost. YouTube do not see themselves as a video storage or back-up service, so do not allow deleted videos to be recovered.

Searching for a solution to do this does give the indication that it is possible to recover a video, but this information is either out-of-date or simply wrong. Contacting YouTube’s creator support does not get a video restored.

YouTube do warn that deleting the video will be permanent:

how to recover deleted youtube video
The message before you delete a YouTube video

Recover a deleted YouTube video

Your only option is to keep back-ups of videos and if you want to restore a video that you deleted, then you need to start afresh with a new upload of the video.

How profitable can being a YouTuber be?

For most its not.

A study done by the Offenburg University Of Applied Sciences reported that 96.5% of YouTubers won’t earn enough from their videos to cross what is the poverty line in the USA. The study also pointed out that that once a YouTuber hits it big and enters the top 3% of creators who receive 90% of the site’s views, they still may only make an estimated $16,800 a year.

96.5% of YouTubers Don’t Earn Enough to Cross the Poverty Line, Study Finds