Making Use of Playlists to Promote YouTube Videos

Recover a deleted YouTube video

Once a user has deleted a video from YouTube, then it can not be recovered. The only option is to re-upload it. The previous view count and comments will be lost. YouTube do not see themselves as a video storage or back-up service, so do not allow deleted videos to be recovered.

Searching for a solution to do this does give the indication that it is possible to recover a video, but this information is either out-of-date or simply wrong. Contacting YouTube’s creator support does not get a video restored.

YouTube do warn that deleting the video will be permanent:

how to recover deleted youtube video
The message before you delete a YouTube video

Recover a deleted YouTube video

Your only option is to keep back-ups of videos and if you want to restore a video that you deleted, then you need to start afresh with a new upload of the video.

How profitable can being a YouTuber be?

For most its not.

A study done by the Offenburg University Of Applied Sciences reported that 96.5% of YouTubers won’t earn enough from their videos to cross what is the poverty line in the USA. The study also pointed out that that once a YouTuber hits it big and enters the top 3% of creators who receive 90% of the site’s views, they still may only make an estimated $16,800 a year.

96.5% of YouTubers Don’t Earn Enough to Cross the Poverty Line, Study Finds

All caps in your video title may not help you on YouTube

Trying to shout in the title of your video on YouTube to gain extra attention may not help you. In a video just released by Creator Insider, YouTube suggests that it may even count against you.

Check out the video from Creator Insiders:

It does make sense as users liken all caps to being yelled at. If you look at Google’s organic search results and see a title of a search result yelling at you, would you click on that link? Probably not.